The Council

The Team Tampa Bay Local Council is a strong team of UnFranchise Owners dedicated to serving the Tampa Bay metropolitan area.

Our Local Event Team Leaders

CULLEN & TRINITY HASKINS ~ Southeast Regional Directors

Cullen and Trinity are Directors with Market America. They have more than 20 years of strong experience in technology and meeting logistics.  They have served most of their 20 years within the GMTSS on some capacity.


CHERYL WILSON ~ Local Coordinator 

Cheryl has served as UBP Coordinators for many years and has proven herself as a Leader in the area!  Cheryl is a Professional Coordinator (Earned in excess of $4500 in 4 weeks) 


PAULA HOCHMAN ~ Administrative Team Chair Leader

Paula is a Supervising Coordinator(earned in excess of $7500 in 4 weeks) She has extensive experience serving on the Local Council and being a Certified Trainer for many years. Paula is well respected in the area for being a total team player!


GEOFF KRANICH & ROBYN LISKA ~ Physical Team Chair Leaders & UBP Coordinators for the Oldsmar Area.

Geoff & Robyn bring many years of organizational experience to the Physical Team & UBPC Positions. They are impeccable with timing and details. Geoff & Robyn are Executive Coordinators and true team players! 

SHARON & JEFF SMITH ~ Speaker Chair Leaders 

They working hard to grow their business and a perfect fit to work closely with all of the speakers invited to our area! 


PAULINE RILEY ~ UBP ST. Pete/Clearwater & Challenge Coordinator

Pauline is building her business and leading by example!  Pauline is a Master Coordinator (Earned at least $1200 in 1 week)


ERICK GEREAUX ~ UBP Coordinator Sarasota, FL. 

Erick is a Certified Naturopathic wellness coach, and a multiple challenge winner. He is a  loving uncle and God father.  Erick is an Executive Coordinator on his way to Director! 


BOB LIEBL ~ AV & Website Team Leader

Bob brings a tremendous amount of experience in the web development and AV world.  He's also a gentleman and a scholar! 

Our Mission

The Team Tampa Bay Advisory Council is dedicated to providing the best and most professional trainings and business meetings through the GMTSS so that UnFranchise Owners can focus on building their businesses and achieving success.

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