The Tri-Local Business Building Mastermind June 27th Challenge

Challenge Dates: March 10, 2020 to June 21, 2020


The purpose of the Local Challenge is to keep UnFranchise® Owners on track to accomplish the tasks and activities necessary to build a successful UnFranchise Business.


It’s important to remember that the difference between success and failure is very simple. The individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not do or was not willing to do. UnFranchise Owners who satisfy the criteria for the Local Seminar Challenge will be recognized at the Next Local Seminar. The best reward you will experience is that you will be closer to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.


Winners will be recognized during the local event. Include a picture of you that you would like posted during the challenge recognition. 

Your Name: _____________________ Email:  ______________________Phone:  ____________________





  1. Purchase three tickets to the next Local Seminar.

 Write Ticket #’s Here _____________________________.


  1. Purchase One ticket to MA International Convention 2020.

 Write Ticket # Here _____________________________.


  1. Personally, sponsor One (1) new qualified UnFranchise Owner. Your new personally sponsored person must complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment.

Name Here ____________________ UFO ID # _______________________


       4.□ Attend, host or co-host at least (3) three of the following zoom events during the challenge period.


HBP, Motives, Wellness, TLS, Product Training, Website Shop.Com. Etc.

Check when Complete.


  1. Attend (2) two Zoom GMTSS UBP’s during the challenge period with a guest for at least 1.

List dates of your events and your guest’s name. Check When Complete.


  1. Post Pictures of your events to your team’s Facebook Page as well as the Southeast

 Regional Facebook Page. Check When Complete.  


  1. Complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment online. Check when Complete.


*8. □ Create 1,500.00 BV worth of exclusive Market America BV products for personal use and/or sales (includes UnFranchise Monthly Auto-ship). Check when Complete.




Sponsor an additional Qualified UnFranchise Owner.


Name _________________________ UFO ID # __________________________



*(If you are a new UFO during the Challenge period work towards hitting these numbers. We

   will look at the BV generated during your time in the business on a case by case basis).


This challenge documentation MUST be completed and delivered via email to your TTB Local Challenge Coordinator Pauline Richmond via email by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday June 21, 2020. My Email address is and My cellphone is 727-710-8525. 

Good Luck Everyone. 



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